Forming Reality
An exhibition of new work by British sculptor Paul Rowbottom opens this week. The show is entitled Forming Reality, a synthesis of Painting Ceramics & Sculpture and Rowbottom’s latest sculpture, Celtic Connection, a work combining Purbeck stone and forged iron, will be showcased there.

Rowbottom, who trained as a sculptor at Leicester Polytechnic and Les Arts Decoratif,
Strasbourg, says, "I am drawn to the possibilities of combining sculptural form with
manufacturing processes, both traditional and digital. Elegant simplicity of form and the
use of appropriate materials are essential concerns in my work.

"My stone carving and ceramics use traditional methods and attempt to create work which
is both contemporary in feel yet reaches back to an ancient heritage. I continue to carve
stone and work in a range of ceramic processes."

Rowbottom is currently prototyping sculptural furniture with Furniture Works at London
Metropolitan University. The show also features new work from Andrew Cochrane Dixon painted in Italy this year.

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